Monday, May 9, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolate

Life is like a box of chocolate... haha.. cerita Forrest Gump ka quote ya owh... anyway, I don't know if this article is going to make sense to you but I will write it anyway... I am at the moment in the quiet of the night looking, searching for bits and pieces of my past, lost self that thumbing through old journal I found this... try to digest it if you can...

15th July 2005

I was reading a simulation thesis and my mind keep nagging me to write this down. I've been thinking about this quite a lot.

This world, defined as Dunia... hrmm how do I go about this..?

Lets say

world = dunia = cyberspace

** Cyberspace is equivalent to a linear program as in compared to the real world. [just follow along, bear with my mathematical-IT mind for a bit]

** in cyberspace, we interacted with each other via text, emails, forum, chatspace etc... [I did not mention Facebook or Twitter coz those two were unheard of back then]

** We are actually there in cyberspace, but at the same time we are not. Our consciousness, how we are responsive towards others, interacting with each other, makes us 'being' there in cyberspace.

** I think that is how our souls are connected to this world. much like how we are connected to cyberspace. our physical body is our profile, our avatar. our consciousness is here, but our actual self, our soul, are not here.

** There is an ayat in the Quran that says all of us are in a box individually.

** there is also in Hadith, I don't quite remember but I might be wrong about Hadith, but Al-Ghazali if I am not mistaken (I don't quite remember) says something like our souls are not here in our body, it doesn't have any shape and are not confined by space and time.


okay it might not make so much sense, but what i was trying to say is, when we interacted with people on cyberspace, when we chat, when we write blogs, commenting on pictures or videos, discussing a topic in forums, our presence are there... but each of us are somewhere in a cubicle or at home, or on a beach, or on a train, on a bus, each of us are not there physically. but we are there in real time. esssentially we are each in our own box, somewhere and are connected to cybespace via our electronic devices. we are there until be shut down our pc, or phone or whatever devices we used.

much like that, we are connected to this world through our physical body. our body is our device, our profile, our avatar. when we die we'll get disconnected from this world.

I was just trying say that our soul are not in our body. much like we are not in our facebook profile. does that make sense to you?