Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Human beings are mainly spiritual creatures, so physical energy derived from food are not all we need. We also need spirit energy, of which can be generated artificially, or of which is unlimited if we are aligned and connected to 'the force' the universal energy.

Most of us are not aligned with the universal energy hence we need to generate this spirit energy artificially to go on living. And the easiest and least resistance of this artificial energy is negatively orientated.

Our higher vibrational self cannot 'sit' in our body when we are not aligned, it is too painful, so usually we fell 'asleep' that is, our real selves are absent from our body and what is left to operate and maintain our existence in this world is our ego, which runs on artificial energy.

Ego is mainly an automated program to run our body when we are absent. Hence the anger, the volatile emotions, reactions, the emptiness that we felt when we let our ego take the wheels are actually preprogrammed and automated. We cant change it that much if we let our ego operates.

Ego needs energy to function, and to generate that energy we subconsciously created situations which can generate the energy for us to continue, such as being victimised, bullying, gossipping, being holier than thou and so much more that we can commonly see everyday in people around us.

People putting you down? They are generating energy for their ego. Talking behind your back? Also generating energy. Gossiping feels good? Coz it generates energy. But the thing is this energy wont last long and it will leave you needing more and more.

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